A - Potential Damage

As color and chemicals reaction cannot be predicted and it’s different for everyone, we recommend you to take a free test on a small section of your hair to see the result and potential damage to avoid disappointment. If the result is successful and no damage occurred, we can process your hair with confidence, alternatively we can recommend you another suitable option for your hair type.

We also recommend a test if your hair is over processed. It will give you an idea about the potential damage to your hair and based on that you can decide to carry on with the procedure or not.

B - Results Variation

Even when the same color, technique and steps are applied on two different hair, the results will most probably be different, due to the nature of hair structure of each individual. As much as we want to make every client happy, we cannot guarantee your hair will look exactly like the requested one.

‍C - Color Maintenance

Fashionable hair colors require a lot of maintenance, like frequent use of refreshing toners and retouching services to keep the hair looking vibrant. Many factors such as dryness, frequent shampooing etc, result in faster fading of color. The durability of the color can be as short as one week in some cases.

D - The payment you do for your service is strictly not refundable.

Please be advised that we offer 4 days retouch policy, you may return within four days from the date of your initial service to make adjustments should there be any failure to the process, but we cannot offer a complete change of the finished result. The service will be a paid one past this policy.


A - Time Matter

Changing hair color can be time consuming in most cases, we aim nothing less than perfection so time matters for us and your visit may last between 30 minutes up to 8 hours depending on the current status of your hair and your requirements.

Please be informed that depending on what time you exactly arrive, time taken for consultation and how many clients are in process, there may be an expected delay. The duration of the process may also vary, depending on the depth of technical steps needed to achieve your desired results.

We highly recommend to visit us on the day that is free of time restrictions.

‍B - Team Work

Your Color Change service includes many steps and procedures. Your consultation and the primary steps of your service are done by Salah himself while the secondary steps are done by our Senior Hair Colorists and well trained Hair Assistants. The whole process is directed and monitored by Salah to ensure quality results.

‍C - Chemical Reaction

If you have had any history of skin reaction to chemicals in the past, we kindly request you to pass by for patch test 24 hours prior to your color appointment. Please bear in mind that it is hard to know how or when the skin may react to chemical, therefore we take no responsibility incase any skin reaction occurs.

We do our best to accommodate every client, however in rare cases we have the right to refuse the procedure if the condition of the hair is unfavorable to process further.

Please be informed and aware that future maintenance and adjustments past this policy are paid services and not complimentary.